Cities are not just cities …

Even though I promised to write more, I couldn’t do it. Typical me. No surprises there. 🙂

Execution, be it writing or doing something is a momentum game. Post-October, I had made my mind up to move to another city which is almost 10,000 kilometers away from my hometown. And here goes my rambling about the journey ..

Kochi is a feeling

I always had this corny attachment towards the cities I have lived in. Kochi, the city where I spent most (4+ years) of my professional career is very much a part of me. It helped me in the transition from a clueless fresh college graduate to a confident human being. It’s not just the friends I made there, but the experiences and those places have a crucial role.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a place in a city where you can go when you are in a particular emotional situation. For me, be it the late-night trips to have Sulaimani tea or dinner from Puttu Kada at Kumbalam and those deep conversations we had there sitting at the riverbank were soul-satisfying ones. A quiet walk through the Queen’s Way or waiting for the train back home at Tripunithura and randomly running into someone from college and reliving those wonderful memories. The list goes on …

For anyone who lived in Kochi, its not just a city, it’s a feeling. Credits

Even though I haven’t spent much time in Bangalore, I do have a special liking towards Bangalore, especially the Indira Nagar, Koramangala region where I spent most of my time there.

To Berlin ..

When I decided to move to Germany, as part of the immigration process I’d to choose the city I’m moving to and also answer why. Berlin and Munich were the obvious choices that came out of my research as it had a great tech ecosystem. And one of the key reasons why I chose Berlin over Munich was the presence of a large ex-pat community in Berlin and its rich culture. The turbulent history of the merger between East Berlin (Soviet Sector) and West Berlin (American, British & French sector) made it a truly multi-cultural capital. No matter what your political affiliation or gender identity is, everyone’s welcome here.

Tempelhof, Berlin on March 30, 2020
View from my apartment when it snowed at Tempelhof, Berlin.

I reached Berlin in Winter 2019 and it was really difficult to explore the city with shorter days and showers and even snow (yes, it did snow a bit in Berlin).

Man proposes …

Even though the weather was getting better as the days passed, came the Covid-19. Now, I’m eagerly waiting for the pandemic to ease so that I can start exploring the Berlin city to the fullest. So what are your go-to places in the region you live in?

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